October 12, 2018 - October 24, 2018

Launching the New MN Collection Series of Lifestyle Items for Car Lovers

The MN Collection was born from a partnership between LEXUS, which has continued to create experiences that go beyond all expectations, and major Japanese brands and corporations who share that spirit and philosophy. The result is a superb collection of items designed to enrich the lifestyle of people who love cars.

The MN in the name refers to the “Master’s Network” that connects LEXUS with the skills and unique techniques of these leading corporations and brands.

The first entry in the collection is the Driving Glasses, produced in collaboration with FACTORY900, a top Japanese eyewear brand that also enjoys a global reputation. These ultimate driving accessories fuse the craftsmanship and attention to detail central to a brand whose artisans have continued to make frames for 80 years near Sabae, the Fukui Prefecture city that manufactures the most eyeglasses in the whole of Japan, with the distinctly Japanese approach of LEXUS that offers truly unique experiences. The Driving Glasses realize an incredible clarity of vision achieved by a construction whereby the lens almost seem to float, complemented by a perfect fit that doesn’t slip even when wearing a racing helmet, all thanks to the remarkable technique and skill of the FACTORY900 team.

The lineup features two models: the flagship model metal type LXF-001 (100,000 yen, excl. tax) and the similarly inspired yet more casual LXF-002 (60,000 yen, excl. tax). Each is available in four colors. They go on sale from December 25th at stores around Japan that offer FACTORY900 items as well as the brand’s own store, FACTORY900 TOKYO BASE.

Ahead of the general release, the items will also be on display at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO from October 12th until October 24th. A special exhibition “Motorsport Garage,” presenting the high-octane world of LEXUS Motorsports, will take place at the same time. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the singular LEXUS approach to craftsmanship.

Exhibition Period: October 12 – October 24, 2018

LEXUS Motorsports (Japanese only)

FACTORY900 (Japanese only)