January 23, 2018 -

LEXUS and BEAMS JAPAN Present: Life with New Takumi Exhibition

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO partners for the first time with BEAMS JAPAN to present the “Life with New Takumi” Exhibition.

LEXUS and BEAMS JAPAN have long continued to support the growth and innovation of traditional crafts and techniques through their unique approaches. This exhibition was born out of their shared aspirations for takumi (artisan or mastery of craftsmanship) and the desire to promote ways to live in harmony with traditional craftsmanship.

Members of the BEAMS team have selected products created by young artisans, which are displayed at INTERSECT along with panels showcasing how these incredible items can be incorporated into everyday life.

Six people working at BEAMS were involved with the project, including buyers, store managers, and directors. The products are part of the LEXUS New Takumi Project* and bring together items made by up-and-coming artisans from all over Japan.

In this way, the selection doesn’t simply focus on specific techniques, traditions, or styles, but presents a model for the rich lifestyle that emerges from using these crafts in our ordinary lives.

The exhibition will also feature a film that reveals how the project came about, including the discussions that took place between the BEAMS team and the artisans in their studios.

Visit INTERSECT to experience the energy of Japanese craftsmanship in which creativity and innovation continue to pulse.

*The LEXUS New Takumi Project supports and promotes the work of young artisans both in Japan and on the world stage. Based all over Japan, the artisans engage with new kinds of boldly conceived craftsmanship while harnessing traditional techniques and the local characteristics of their regions.

Exhibition: January 23rd, 2018 – mid-February

Hiroshi Kubo (Creative Director, BEAMS)
Hiroshi Doiji (Communication Director, BEAMS)
Shuji Suzuki (Chief Buyer, BEAMS JAPAN)
Yuri Ota (Buyer, BEAMS JAPAN)
Satoko Kimijima (Store Manager, BEAMS JAPAN)
Toyozo Fujii (Assistant Store Manager, BEAMS JAPAN)

To commemorate the project, a special public talk will also be held at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO.

The talk will see Kundo Koyama, who serves as supervisor for the LEXUS New Takumi Project as well as general advisor for BEAMS TEAM JAPAN, joined by BEAMS JAPAN chief buyer Shuji Suzuki and Leki Nagahara, the international aizome dyeing product designer and one of the LEXUS New Takumi Project artisans in 2016. From their respective perspectives as artisan, buyer, and producer, the guests will discuss the future of takumi in Japan as well as what it means to live in a way that incorporates the craftsmanship of contemporary takumi.

Date: February 1st, 2018 / Doors Open: 19:00 / Start: 19:30
Speakers: Kundo Koyama (producer), Shuji Suzuki (Chief Buyer, BEAMS JAPAN), Leki Nagahara (Product Designer, Amabe Ai)
Reservations: Please email by January 25th with your name, contact information, number of reservations (1 or 2 persons), and the public social media account you normally use (if applicable).
Successful applicants will be selected by lottery. Results will be sent to applicants by email by January 29th. Photographs of the event will be circulated to the media. Please be aware that these photographs may include members of the audience. The organizers will not supply any personal information to third parties. Please be aware that this event takes place in Japanese and email reservations are accepted in Japanese only.

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