April 25, 2019 - May 8, 2019

LC Structural Blue Exhibition

From April 25th, the ground floor Garage space at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO will host an exhibition showcasing the LEXUS LC Structural Blue, a special version of the LEXUS LC coupe released to commemorate reaching 500,000 total sales in Japan.

The LC Structural Blue features an original bodywork color inspired by the wings of the morpho butterfly that is native to South America. Often regarded as the world’s most beautiful butterfly, the morpho’s large wings have no actual color but appear deep blue to the human eye when they reflect sunlight. This is because they feature structural coloration rather than pigmentation, meaning the scales covering the wings gleam differently depending on the wavelengths of light and angle of observation.

LEXUS spent 15 years painstakingly developing a vehicle paint that could recreate this same principle of iridescence. As it catches the light, the car shimmers with a dazzling color that accentuates the shadow cast by the vehicle as well as the beautiful outline of the bodywork.

This is complemented by the color of the cabin that comes in one of two versions: Blue Moment or Breezy Blue. Forming a subtle balance with the radiant outer bodywork, these blue tones evoke the brief yet magical vista of the sky at dawn or dusk. Expressing an momentary yet incredible gradation of color conjured up by Mother Nature, this harmony of blues both inside and outside the vehicle further transforms the LC, the classic coupe that truly symbolizes the next generation of LEXUS’ evolution as a lifestyle brand.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience up-close a car that boldly and profoundly enhances the unique design of the luxury coupe.

Sales of the LC Structural Blue finished in early July 2018.


LC Structural Blue (Japanese only)