November 2, 2016 - November 24, 2016

New F SPORT Lineup TV Commercial F SPORT Art Project Exhibition

The LEXUS F SPORT takes the bold and sporty vision of the LFA and creates a highly individual and exciting driving experience.

At the INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO ground floor Garage space from November 2nd, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the F SPORT with a special screening of the new television commercial, F SPORT Art Project.

In the commercial, the F SPORT’s superb handling and sporty performance are matched with stunning driving skills to make a series of detailed artworks on the streets of a city. The F SPORT vehicles become the artists, zipping past giant canvases to spray them with layer after layer of colorful paints. The cars had to follow an exact route at just the right speed in order to spray the canvases with paint in the correct way. The techniques required to accomplish this tough feat harnessed not only all the expert efforts of the production team over a two-month testing period and final shoot, but also the unique qualities of the F SPORT itself.

As part of the exhibition, INTERSECT hosts some of the actual artworks used for the shoot and a making-of video showing how the unique project was created.

Enjoy this playful and colorful celebration of the LEXUS spirit.