September 10, 2016 - October 22, 2016

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS New Autumn-Winter Items Exhibition

September 10th to October 22nd, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosts a special exhibition of new autumn and winter arrivals in the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS collection.

The new items are a tote bag by TEMBEA and incense burner by yuica.

The tote bag is a new entry in the original CRAFTED FOR LEXUS line of bags themed around cars and travel, now available in a small size.

Made with combed yarn canvas that is waxed for extra strength, the tote bag gently changes and adapts to whatever is placed in it or whoever holds it. The unisex design is ideal for travel as well as everyday life.

Made with Japanese cypress wood that is over 150 years old, the incense burner features a delicately carved lid inspired by the LEXUS spindle grille. The masterful design has been individually browned by an experienced artisan and assembled without nails in a traditional Japanese “kanzashi” technique. The incense contains the same aroma oils as used at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, here in a special set of original CRAFTED FOR LEXUS essential oils with a Nioi-kobushi aroma base. Place drops of the oils on the Itoigawa clay ceramic bowl and the fragrance gradually transforms into the relaxing aroma of the Japanese white pine and cypress, transporting you deep into the natural forests of Japan to soothe all your daily stresses away.

Visit INTERSECT to experience the exclusive textures and aromas in these items presented by LEXUS.