August 11, 2015 - August 28, 2015


Lexus invites you to experience “RAIN” at INTERSECT BY LEXUS in Tokyo from August 11th through 28th. “RAIN” was part of the “Lexus - A Journey of the Senses” exhibition that earned Lexus an award this April at Milan Design Week 2015, the world’s premier design industry event.

Lexus places great emphasis on the senses, both in its design process and when creating cars that offer true driving pleasure. True to this brand commitment, the “Lexus - A Journey of the Senses” exhibit invited visitors to enjoy a wide-ranging and exciting sensory experience. Its success in offering an amazing experience that excites and awakens the senses was recognized when Lexus became the first automaker to win the coveted “Best Entertaining” award in the Milano Design Award competition.

The “RAIN” installation, created in collaboration with internationally renowned Chef Hajime Yoneda, was specially selected from “Lexus - A Journey of the Senses” to be shown in Tokyo. Visitors are given ‘raindrops’ made out of sparkling candy and ushered into a darkened room. Inside, illumination and sound effects produce a startlingly realistic illusion of falling rain. All five senses become engaged as the ‘raindrops’ dissolve in the visitors' mouths. We hope you will be able to visit “RAIN” and experience this amazing sensory journey for yourself.

*“RAIN” will remain open to visitors, even in the unlikely event that all the ‘raindrop’ candies are consumed.

Lexus - A Journey of the Senses: