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CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 2: yuica x Yuka Mizuhara

12.05 Sat 15:00 START

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators is a series of exciting workshops partnering young Japanese crafts designers from the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection with other talents from the world of art and fashion.

For the second workshop, aroma blender Norie Mitsuka from essential oils brand yuica joined fashion model Yuka Mizuhara at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO on December 5th.

yuica and Yuka Mizuhara collaboration limited-edition fragrance spray now available

Along with a select number of guests, the intimate workshop saw Mizuhara and Mitsuka create original essential oils that would make an ideal gift this Christmas.

Based in the Hida-Takayama district of Gifu Prefecture, yuica makes hand-blended essential oils with a truly Japanese character. INTERSECT BY LEXUS has a long-standing connection with yuica. The hand towels given to guests at the INTERSECT upstairs Bistro are scented with an essential oil blended by yuica from the willow-leafed magnolia tree. The 10 guests gathered in the downstairs Garage space, which was transformed into an aroma laboratory for the event!

First off, Mitsuka gave a brief talk about yuica and a demonstration of how fragrances are extracted from tree trunks, stems, and leaves.

“An aroma can be divided into a fragrance that energizes you, and one that relaxes you,” Mitsuka explained.

The participants sampled aroma water made from the willow-leafed magnolia tree, whose scent yuica was the first in the world to extract successfully. As a fashion model, Mizuhara was also aware of the beauty benefits of this aroma water: “You can also use it as skin toner.”

Next, Mizuhara presented a pendant that she had designed, made in the shape of a car. “Add a few drops of essential oils to the pendant and then hang it from the rear-view mirror of your car or on your handbag.”

Mitsuka gave some insights into the different properties each scent possesses. “This is lindera umbellata, whose fragrance is very relaxing. This is Japanese white pine, which can relieve menstrual pain and stress.”

Now it was time for the participants to start blending an original aroma using the roughly 20 types of essential oils arranged on the table, including cypress, lindera umbellata, and willow-leafed magnolia. Mizuhara and Mitsuka were on hand to offer advice.

The novice blenders also wrote a “recipe” with the scenario they wanted to create an aroma for. After all, an aroma is first and foremost about the feeling it stimulates.

Over the course of the workshop the Garage space became filled with an ever richer variety of scents.

The blended essential oils were finally mixed in a specialist machine and then sealed in a small bottle. Mizuhara also tried her hand at making an aroma, adding ginger and pepper to willow-leafed magnolia to create a fragrance suitable for beating the cold. “Pepper is a strong scent, so just one drop will have a big impact on the overall aroma.”

In addition to the oils they blended, the participants each received the colorful car pendant designed by Mizuhara. Their personal Christmas-themed essential oil gift boxes now complete, the participants closed the workshop by posing for a group photograph with Mizuhara and Mitsuka.

INFORMATION An original Yuka Mizuhara and yuica fragrance spray, with a personal message from Yuka Mizuhara, is now available exclusively from INTERSECT.

yuica x Yuka Mizuhara Fragrance Spray
2,800 yen (incl. tax)

Please ask a member of staff at INTERSECT BY LEXUS for further details.


LEXUS meets yuica

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