November in Australia signals the coming of summer, and is a time of lively events and celebrations. VIP treatment at the Melbourne Cup Carnival; a drive through a tropical forest abundant with ancient ferns; inventive cuisine crafted by leading chefs; luxury hotels offering dynamic views and impeccable hospitality; and, above all, intelligence, inspiration, and a sense of joy and wonder you could never imagine. These are the experiences you'll find on this exceptional vacation that promises the progressive luxury experience of Lexus.

Established in 1861, the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a historic Australian event passed down from the English aristocratic pastime of thoroughbred horse racing. It has become a sensation, broadcast in over 120 countries to over 700 million viewers who avidly follow the event. Races are held at Flemington Racecourse over the course of four days. On the third day-Crown Oaks Day-spectators sport the latest racecourse fashions, creating a truly carnival-esque atmosphere. Mingle with celebrities from around the world and enjoy an unforgettable affair.

Take a drive in a Lexus northeast from Melbourne for an overnight trip to Yarra Valley, a hilly region that is home to sprawling vineyards. The route begins at your hotel in the Melbourne Central Business District and winds through lush, ancient forests that are sure to instill you with a sense of adventure.

Located roughly 7 km east of central Sydney are the golden sands of Bondi Beach. Every year, from October to November, the beach turns into one of the largest outdoor art exhibitions in the world-Sculpture by the Sea. Over a hundred sculpture works by artists from around the world line the 2 km stretch of Bondi-Tamarama coastline, offering a singular artistic experience in a stunning natural setting.

A meal is more than the food served-it is an occasion to be shared and remembered with those sitting at the table with you. Throughout the tour, you and your travel companions will experience dishes crafted with plenty of imagination and centered on ingredients locally grown or produced in Australia at establishments handpicked by Lexus. Enjoy these unforgettable delights while taking in Australia's picturesque scenery.

At the end of each day, you'll need the perfect place to rest your head and recall the fantastic moments you have experienced. That's why we've selected accommodations that will help you get the most out of each location. Each offers a variety of ways to spend your time, from fitness centers to spas.

Time moves at a more languid pace at the Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa, where guest room balconies overlook beautiful vineyards. There are a number of ways to relax at the resort: a massage or face and skin therapy treatment at the spa, or a visit to the onsite restaurant's wine cellar. The resort occupies a vast 75 acres-there is plenty to see and explore, and plenty of time to do it.

Price: Free, but spa treatments may be booked at extra cost (prices vary per treatment)

This exclusive offer includes a premium tour of the Yering Station winery and a private tour and wine tasting at the Coldstream Hills winery led by chief winemaker Andrew Fleming, who will also guide you through the winemaking process. Experience the exquisite, complex flavors of Yarra Valley's signature wines.

Participants will be taken to the wineries via Lexus chauffeured service.

Price: A$40 per person

Fifteen minutes by car from the resort is Healesville Sanctuary, a large animal conservation area. Get up close to Australia's indigenous wildlife-koalas, kangaroos, emus, and platypuses-in their natural habitats.

Participants will need to drive to the sanctuary themselves in their provided Lexus cars.

Price: A$48 per person

Yarra Valley's rolling landscape makes it perfect for vineyards-as well as golf courses. Offered specially for this tour is the option to play a half round of golf at the exclusive The Heritage Golf Country Club-an opportunity usually unavailable to nonmembers. Enjoy some of the finest golf in the world on this dynamic Australian PGA Championship course.

Participants will need to drive to the country club themselves in their provided Lexus cars.

Price: A$180 per person
(Golf equipment may be rented at extra cost.)

* All prices are in Australian dollars.


Nov. 3 - 8, 2014 (6 days)
*Participants must gather at 11:30 a.m. on November 3 at Park Hyatt Sydney. The tour ends at 2 p.m. on November 8
  at Grand Hyatt Melbourne.
  (Rooms at Park Hyatt Sydney will be available from 3 p.m. on November 2.)

Group size

16 people

Preliminary Booking
Booking period: Jul. 23 - Aug. 5, 2014

Secondary Booking
Booking period: Aug. 6 onwards

■ If booking for 1 or 3 people, please contact us. Contact information is at the bottom of the page.
     (You cannot add more people once you have booked.)
■ Once you book, you cannot change participant details or transfer bookings to a third party.
    Bookings that do not include information on all participants will be considered invalid.
Click here to view the schedule following booking.

Minimum group size

10 people


1. Participants must be 18 years or older on Nov. 3, 2014.
2. Participants must be able to communicate in either English or Japanese.
3. Participants must separately apply for and receive a tourist visa required for staying in Australia.
4. By the start date of the tour, participants must have obtained a driver's license valid in Australia
    or an International Driving Permit.
5. Click here to view details on other requirements.

Tour prices
(Start in Sydney, end in Melbourne)

Per person per double occupancy
A$7,900 (Australian dollars)


5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners


November 3 - 4 (2 nights): Sydney
   Park Hyatt Sydney
   (Opera View Twin or Double Room; 2 people per room)
   Rooms will be available from 3 p.m. on November 2.

November 5 - 6 (2 nights): Melbourne
   Grand Hyatt Melbourne
   (Deluxe Twin or Double Room; 2 people per room)

November 7 (1 night): Yarra Valley
   Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa
   (Privilege Spa Twin or Double Suite; 2 people per suite)

   Since there is a limited number of rooms, we may be unable to guarantee your bed preference.

Included in tour price

■ Airfare from Sydney to Melbourne on November 5 via Qantas Airlines, as detailed in the itinerary (Economy)
■ Luggage transportation by Qantas Airlines (within limits set by the airline)
■ Accommodation and use of chartered bus for transportation, as detailed in the itinerary
■ Meals (5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners)
■ VIP pass to the Melbourne Cup Carnival on November 6 (Crown Oaks Day)
■ Relevant documents (e.g. travel guide, itinerary)
■ Local guide fees


■ November 6: Chauffeured ride in a Lexus between Grand Hyatt Melbourne and Flemington Racecourse
■ November 6: Lexus chauffeur hire
■ November 6: Food and drinks at Lexus Design Pavilion
■ November 7 - 8: Lexus rental (fuel included) for driving portion of the tour

Not included in tour price

Anything not mentioned in the above sections "Included in tour price" and "Complimentary," including:
■ Application fee for tourist visa required for staying in Australia
■ Application fee for Australian driver's license or International Driving Permit
■ Tour option costs
■ Tips, phone charges, and other personal costs

Options for Yarra Valley
portion of the tour
(November 7)

Participants may select one of the following options:
A: Free time
B: Winery tour (Cost: A$40 per person)
C: Healesville Sanctuary (Cost: A$48 per person)
D: Golf (Cost: A$180 per person)

Schedules may change due to circumstances related to the tour organizers.

Day Date Location Time Transportation Activity Meals
1 Nov. 3
Sydney 11:30 a.m. Gather at Park Hyatt Sydney
(You must travel to the hotel by your own means. Rooms will be available from 3 p.m. on November 2.)
Breakfast: ○
Morning Water taxi A cruise to Watsons Bay in a water taxi while enjoying views of the Sydney waterfront
Afternoon A welcome lunch at Doyles on the Beach in Watsons Bay Lunch: ○
Afternoon Chartered
Travel to Bondi Beach for a leisurely exploration of the temporary art event Sculpture by the Sea

Option: Purchase headdresses and hats at Hatmaker for the Melbourne Cup Carnival*1 (Estimated return time to the hotel: 5:30 p.m.)
Night Dinner at The Dining Room in the hotel
(At your own leisure)
Dinner: ○
2 Nov. 4
Sydney All day Free time*2 Breakfast: ○
Lunch: ×
Night Chartered
Lexus special: Dinner at the French-Japanese restaurant Tetsuya's Dinner: ○
3 Nov. 5
Sydney /
Morning Chartered
Travel from the hotel to the airport Breakfast: ○
Morning Plane Fly to Melbourne via Qantas Airlines Lunch:
Light in-flight meal
Afternoon Chartered
Travel from the airport to Grand Hyatt Melbourne
Night Foot Dinner at Taxi Kitchen Dinner: ○
4 Nov. 6
Melbourne All day Lexus VIP pass entry to the Melbourne Cup Carnival on Crown Oaks Day
(Lexus chauffeur service to the venue)*3
Breakfast: ○
Drinks and a light lunch at the venue's Lexus Design Pavilion Lunch: ○
Dinner: ×
5 Nov. 7
Melbourne Morning Lexus Driving in a Lexus*4*5
An exhilarating road trip from Melbourne to Yarra Valley
Breakfast: ○
Yarra Valley Afternoon Lunch at Piggery Cafe
Check into Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa (ETA: 2:30 p.m.)
Lunch: ○
You will have a choice of one of the following options:*6
A: Free time
B: Winery tour
C: Healesville Sanctuary
D: Golf
Night Dinner at Rae's Restaurant within the resort
(At your own leisure)
Dinner: ○
(Yarra Valley)
6 Nov. 8
Yarra Valley Morning Lexus Driving in a Lexus*4*5
An exhilarating road trip from Yarra Valley to Melbourne
Breakfast: ○
Melbourne Afternoon Farewell lunch at The Point
(Cars will be picked up at the restaurant and returned.)
Lunch: ○
2 p.m. Chartered
Travel to Grand Hyatt Melbourne, where the tour ends

・General time guidelines: Early morning (4 ? 7 a.m.); Morning (7 a.m. ? Noon); Afternoon (Noon ? 4 p.m.); Evening (4 ? 6 p.m.); Night (6 ? 11 p.m.); Late night (11 p.m. ? 4 a.m.)
・Arrival and departure times may be affected by traffic and airline scheduling.
Activities in blue texts are organized by Lexus International.

*1.   Personal coordination with Hatmaker head designer Jonathan Howard requires advanced booking. Headdresses and hats may be purchased at your own cost.
*2.   Optional activities are offered at extra cost.
*3.   All cars are nonsmoking. You cannot request a specific Lexus model. A driver will chauffeur you to the racecourse.
*4.   All cars are nonsmoking. You may request a specific Lexus model, but we may be unable to meet your request.
*5.   You will not be allowed to drive if you meet any of the following conditions:
        You do not have a valid driver's license; you are under the influence of alcohol; you have taken drugs that may inhibit your ability to drive;
        you are in poor physical condition; you require the use of driver assistance devices; or the tour organizers decide that you pose a safety risk.
        If you are prevented from driving for any reason, you will not be compensated for that portion of the tour, and you will have to use
        other means of transportation at your own cost.
*6.   Options B, C, and D may be selected at extra cost.

In one corner of the VIP area is a pavilion defined by the Lexus brand concept. Only select VIP guests invited by Lexus are allowed entry into this special area.
Enjoy cuisine curated by celebrity Australian chef Neil Perry, prepared by luxury restaurants around the country for various pop-up dining events, in a stylish space designed to draw you into the world of Lexus.

The third day of Melbourne Cup Week, November 6, is Crown Oaks Day. On this day, the mood is more relaxed. The focus shifts from race watching to socializing, and spectators engage in a friendly rivalry over their racecourse fashion. In this battle of couture, one piece makes all the difference: a colorful hat or headdress.

During the tour, you will be invited to stop by Hatmaker, a bespoke hat and headdress specialist who serves Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, during her royal visits to Sydney. Why not purchase a headpiece for the occasion, selected for you by head designer Jonathan Howard himself?

* Personal coordination requires advanced booking.
   Hats and headdresses may be purchased at extra cost.

A selection from the Racing Collection for March-August 2014

Enjoy a chauffeured ride in a Lexus from your hotel to Flemington Racecourse on the day of the Melbourne Cup.
* All cars are nonsmoking. Specific Lexus models cannot be requested. Drivers can only communicate in English.

The Yarra River that flows through Melbourne's Central Business District begins in this vast region of rolling hills. After driving through the dense, ancient forests that spread throughout the valley, you may visit the Healesville Sanctuary to view the rare wildlife that reside there or explore the vineyards that stretch into the horizon. There is no drive more luxurious than one that gives you access to a limitless view of the majesty of nature.

Once you have explored Yarra Valley, we will travel to Albert Park, located south of Melbourne. The road that circles the park's lake is part of the Formula One Australian Grand Prix course. Perhaps in driving around the lake, you might recall past races and feel the exhilarating rush that the drivers must have felt.

* Regular speed limits will be enforced at this time.
   No high-speed driving will be allowed.

Your companion during this portion of the tour will be one of the following Lexus models.

* All models are built to Australian specifications.

* All cars are nonsmoking. Specific models may be requested, but since there
   is a limited number of each model, we may be unable to meet your

* Click here to view details of liability coverage and conditions required for
   you to drive during this tour.

Australia's first seafood restaurant, Doyles, has been offering fresh marine fare and beautiful views of Sydney Harbour from its Watsons Bay location on the east side of Sydney since 1885. A water taxi chartered by Lexus will carry you across the harbor from Park Hyatt Sydney to this popular tourist attraction.

  • Seafood: 2 courses (Appetizer and main)

  • Smart casual, with walking shoes

A superb view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge is just one of the pleasures offered by this restaurant located in Park Hyatt Sydney. Executive Chef Franck Detrait produces Australian fare complimented by culinary touches from his native France. Franck describes his style as "revisited modern traditional"-modern in concept and traditional in technique.

  • Australian: 2 courses (Choice of appetizer and main)

  • Smart

Japanese owner-chef Tetsuya Wakuda runs this internationally renowned French dining establishment which has been perpetually ranked near the top of Restaurant Magazine's "World's 50 Best Restaurants" list. Walk past a beautifully lit Japanese garden to enter a world of entirely unique culinary pleasures-including a dish inspired by the Lexus, available only to tour participants.

  • French-Japanese: Full course (10 course degustation menu)

  • Smart

This casual dining establishment offers Australian cuisine with an Asian flair. The inventive cuisine here defies simple categorization and has found a dedicated fan base in Melbourne's young executives. The restaurant offers a panoramic view of Flinders Street Station, Arts Centre, trams, and other Melbourne attractions, making it a perfect first stop in the city. Weather permitting, you'll get to enjoy Melbourne's glorious sunsets and vibrant nightscapes as you dine at your leisure.

  • Australian fusion: 3 courses (Choice of appetizer, main, and dessert)

  • Smart casual

This cafe en route to Yarra Valley is run by Shannon Bennett, the owner-chef of top-ranked Melbourne restaurant Vue de Monde. It is named after the 1930s pig farm in which it is located, which has been dramatically renovated into this stylish establishment. The smell of fresh pastries wafts into the air, and there is deli fare created from fresh organic ingredients.

  • Tapas-style spread

  • Casual, with shoes suitable for driving

This establishment located on the premises of Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa offers cuisine prepared with a focus on local ingredients, including fresh vegetables and herbs harvested from the kitchen garden.

  • Australian: 3 courses (Choice of appetizer, main, and dessert)

  • Smart casual

This lakeside restaurant in Albert Park-venue for the Formula One Australian Grand Prix-features an all-glass exterior, providing the dining room with gorgeous natural light for a warm, inviting ambience. Ingredients are meticulously handpicked, from beef produced by select farms to seafood imported directly from Tasmania. Steak and other Australian staples are all at their finest here.

  • Australian: 3 courses (Choice of wine, appetizer, main, and dessert)

  • Smart casual, with shoes suitable for driving

With its Australian landscape-inspired architecture, this comfortable, residential-style luxury hotel stands out along Sydney's colorful harbor front. Natural earth tone colors give every guest room a peaceful atmosphere that will help you feel right at home, while all the latest amenities ensure a comfortable stay enhanced with a sense of sophistication.

Room type: Opera View Room (45 m²)

Located on vibrant Collins Street-a thoroughfare lined with theaters and boutiques-Grand Hyatt Melbourne is the perfect starting point for exploring the city. Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Arts Centre-both symbols of the city-are within walking distance. After a long day of activities, you can freshen up at the hotel's high-end fitness center-the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Room type: Deluxe Room (40 m²)

This boutique luxury resort is located atop a small hill in Yarra Valley. The contemporary guest room buildings each overlook the sprawling vineyards that the region is famous for. Each guest room consists of a 1-bedroom suite that includes bath amenities courtesy of Appelles Apothecary-an Australian organic skincare line. It is the ideal place to relax after a long, scenic drive through some of the most beautiful areas in and around Melbourne.

Room type: Privilege Spa Suite (55 m²)